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Art, in all its manifestations, from music to cinema, but also going through painting, literature, comic and photography. Has become the way I can unleash my creativity and imagination in order to create new worlds, besides it’s the path to express my inner world, my feelings, thoughts and reflections.  

Therefore, I have always ensured to experiment, discover and explore new forms of expression. This is, precisely, what led me to photography. Almost by chance it crossed my path while I wandered through the illustration world, and I decided to stay and try, at least for a while.

Eugenio Recuenco, Gregory Crewdson, Bradford Young, Roger Deakins, Hideo Kojima, Simon Stalenhag or Darius Khondji are some of those who were responsible for my choice of photography as a way of expression. All these artists have in common a series of aesthetics reminiscent of other artistic methods, such as a cinematographic lighting or an excellent pictorial composition, but above all they express a concept, or a feeling embraced by an extremely careful artistic sensibility.

As I have previously remarked, there are so many things I would desire to say and so many ways to express it that it’s hard for me to limit my job into a single field, however when I became aware -through great figures such as the mentioned above- of a technique that would open the doors into an infinite world of creation, it was a magical discovery.

In some of my latest works I have decided to advocate theatrical illuminations with a marked chiaroscuro and low key, the painting has also left its small remnants within my creations, however, there are some works where I have favored the use of natural light within wide and diaphanous landscapes, in this sense nature is also presented as a continuous element of my work due to my origin, with long shots where the figure is static and located in the composition’s center insinuating the immensity of Nature and the freedom and loneliness within it.

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